Services Offered

What does Faith Builders Ministry Do?

1) Faith Builders primarily serves provides missionary construction project management services to local churches. We work with and through the process of developing (this is the phase before you even consider design), planning (this is the design and budget phase) and executing construction and or renovating buildings for small local congregation churches.  We prefer to build traditional “church” buildings that both Glorify God and make the statement to the community here is a place where God is worshiped.

a. By utilizing volunteer groups across the country we can in many cases significantly reduce construction costs. This method though has its pros and cons as the process takes longer and there are some tasks better left to professionals.

2) Secondly we at every opportunity try and participate in disaster relief efforts.  The goal here is two-fold help the homeowner get their home back in order and sharing the love of Jesus with them while bringing some sort of stability to the chaos surrounding them.

a. Many times (since FBM is basically a one man operation at the moment, we try and partner with like minded organizations to facilitate the r3ecovery process.

3) We try and maintain a network of volunteers across the country, (an anywhere else we can find them) that are willing to help out in these construction projects.

a. If your church has a volunteer construction team or you know of one in your local area please consider sharing and  joining our network.

4) Lastly Faith Builders does do regular commercial and residential construction projects (time permitting) in the local community at a very reasonable fee in an ongoing effort to share the Gospel and support this ministry.

In the past twelve months FBM has participated in the following:

  • Louisiana Flood Relief in Denham Springs with 1st Baptist Church Clinton LA (Multiple trips)
  • Multiple Trips to Covenant Baptist Church, Clarksville, TN (Pre-Build Planning)
  • Tornado Relief, Hattiesburg MS (Chain Saw and clean-up work)
  • Veteran Assistance Project, Tallahassee FL (Chain Saw, Commercial Mower, clean up, Etc.)
  • Building Tomorrows Missions, Juarez MX; Remodeled Home into functioning Church building
  • Hurricane Harvey Relief, Houston, w/Eight Days of Hope 4+ weeks of various tasking’s
  • Hurricane Maria Relief Puerto Rico, Nov 2017 Food, Water distribution, roof and home repairs and other assistance as needed and available.
  • Spoke with number of churches in Jackson MS about possible projects in the future.
  • Worked various jobs for realtors to help fund ministry.