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Houston Relief Feb 2018

This smiling bunch of folks was my team (crazy as it sounds they put me in charge) minus one who I guess was camera shy that day for our week long rebuilding effort in greater Houston.

Tony and I arrived early and went and visited with many folks who I had helped when I was down in Houston last Sept and Oct. Then On Monday we went to Ms. Mara’s house, a widow whom has had some work done but one outside wall was still leaking water into her home. We made repairs there and then went to meet our respective teams.

I was assigned a home near Pearland, TX and the team of folks above. Tony was assigned to a different crew as they needed his roofing skills for a big job. The home had just recently been “mudded out” from the flood. That is they had just recently stripped the walls insulation, floors cabinets etc. Our task was to insulate and sheet rock the whole house. In addition there was a roof leak that needed repair and some extensive bathroom walls that needed repair.

My team though mostly inexperienced (except for Blake) pulled together and got the job done. No one complained unless it was in jest and they work long hard days, I could not have been prouder.

This partnership with Run For the Wall, DRUSA and Mission M25 brought together folks from all over the US for a common goal of helping those in need and was in my humble opinion a great success. A special thanks to Emmanuel Worship Center in Alvin Texas for turning over their facility to us and hosting us for the week.

Pictures can be found at: Houston Feb 2018 Facebook Album

Tony and I head back to Houston in March, if you would like to support our rebuilding missions please see our donation page or check out our fund raising site at Greater Houston and Puerto Rico Fund Raiser



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